Build your mental toolkit for modern work.

With 10 minutes a day Junto's interactive courses help you make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and do better work.

Your mental toolkit for modern work.

Courses that teach you skills you can use for the rest of your career.

Managing Feedback Triggers

Communicating Clearly with the Minto Pyramid Principle

Thinking in Systems

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Learn useful work skills everyday.

Short lessons that take 10 minutes a day and teach you a core skill can use to do better work.

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Lessons are interactive and get you to engage with the ideas more deeply than just a quick read. Test your knowledge, think through a scenario, or hear someone share their experience.

Make real progress.

Get guidance on how to apply what you're learning in real world situations. Check-ins, deep-dives, and additional exercises to help you integrate the ideas into your work habits.
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