Build your mental toolkit
for modern work.

From communicating your ideas clearly, to giving great feedback and thinking in systems, 
Junto's interactive courses help you do your best work.

Take your skills further.

Concise, interactive courses that teach you valuable skills you can use for the rest of your career.
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New work needs new skills.

Our work today is more creative, complex and collaborative than it's ever been. We find the best ideas in books, articles, blogs, podcasts, and research and synthesize them up into fun, interactive courses helping you broaden your skillset and do your best work.

Questions to make you think.

We ask you questions during each lesson to make you stop and think, helping you engage with the ideas more deeply and have a little fun along the way.

Build momentum with 10 min lessons.

We've optimized our lessons for a ~10 minute learning experience so that you can easily fit them into your day and get on a roll learning new things every week.

Designed for Learning.

We pay careful attention to structure the content in a way that's easily retained. This means calling out key principles and techniques clearly, effectively using repetition, and giving you specific workplace examples.