Build Successful Products with Amazon's Working Backwards Process

Learn the 3-step process that lets you build better products the Amazon way.

What this course is all about

Building products that people love is hard. But Amazon has a product development process that puts the customer first: it's called "Working Backwards.” It’s centered around the idea that customer needs drive innovation, rather than product or feature ideas. This course will walk you through their 3-step process and show you how to build successful products—the Amazon way.

What you'll learn

✔️ What’s Amazon’s Working Backwards Process.

✔️ What customer-centricity is and why it's so important.

✔️ The three key ideas the Working Backwards Process is centered around.

✔️ The 3-step process: Crafting a press release, crafting the documents and refining the documents using feedback.

✔️ How to develop a customer persona and craft a customer story.

✔️ The elements of a customer persona.

✔️ What makes a great customer story.

✔️ The five questions to answer throughout the Working Backwards Process.

✔️ Amazon’s four core beliefs for creating a culture of innovation.

✔️ The techniques you can use to create a culture of innovation.



Using Amazon’s Working Backwards Process

Get acquainted with Amazon’s company philosophy, their view on customer-centricity and the fundamental principles of Amazon’s Working Backwards Process.


Developing a Customer Persona and Crafting a Customer Story

Learn how to develop a customer persona and craft a customer story that guides your ideation and product development process.


Crafting Your Press Release, FAQ and Visuals

Get hands-on with the Working Backwards Process and craft your own working backwards documents just like they do at Amazon.


The Cultural Values Powering Amazon's Innovation

Learn the specific cultural values Amazon has used every day to turn themselves into a trillion-dollar company.