Communicate Clearly with the Minto Pyramid Principle

Learn to communicate clearly and in a way that gets your audience to take action.

What this course is all about

Communicating clearly isn’t always easy. But whether you’re writing a project proposal to your boss or a job application, you can apply the Minto Pyramid Principle to get your message across loud and clear. Learn how to structure a compelling story and—most importantly—make your audience care about what you’re saying.

What you'll learn

✔️ What the Minto Pyramid Principle is and how it works.

✔️ How to make sure your main point is crystal clear in any situation.

✔️ How the Minto Pyramid Principle was invented.

✔️ How to structure your communication in a way that’s easy to understand.

✔️ How to tell a story that makes your audience care.

✔️ Three rules of structuring your communication.

✔️ How to use the SCQA framework to structure a compelling story with a clear main point.

✔️ How to group and order our ideas so they naturally click with your audience.



The Challenge of Communicating Clearly

Get familiar with the Minto Pyramid Principle and discover a method that helps you structure your ideas in a way that your audience will easily understand.


Building Your Pyramid

Learn how to group and organize ideas following the three rules for building a pyramid.


Telling a Story

Use the SCQA framework to keep your audience engaged and tell a story in a way that works for business communication.


Grouping and Ordering Supporting Ideas

Learn how to group and order supporting ideas without deviating from your main point and confusing your audience.


Putting It All Together

Put your new knowledge to the test with two challenging exercises.