Learn Faster by Understanding Feedback Triggers

Learn the techniques that’ll help you control the way you respond to feedback so you can learn and improve faster.

What this course is all about

We’re surrounded by feedback. Whether it comes from your boss, your co-worker, a friend or your partner, feedback is something we experience daily. But we don’t always respond well to it—or know how to respond to it at all. This course explains the most common feedback triggers that prevent us from learning from valuable feedback. You'll learn how to manage each feedback trigger using specific techniques that help you defuse defensiveness and increase curiosity.

What you'll learn

✔️ What our feedback triggers are.

✔️ How to identify three key feedback triggers.

✔️ Why triggers make us dismiss feedback.
The techniques you can use to counteract triggers.

✔️ How to be intentional in your responses.

✔️ What our defaults are when receiving feedback.

✔️ How our sense of identity and perception of reality interfere with learning from what people are telling us.

✔️ Why badly delivered feedback doesn’t mean it’s bad.

✔️ The role of skill and judgment when receiving feedback.

✔️ Why we shouldn’t focus on the messenger.

✔️ A simple framework for understanding the neuroscience behind how we react to feedback.



Identifying Key Feedback Triggers

Learn how to identify three key feedback triggers and learn a technique that prevents you from reacting automatically to the feedback you receive.


Truth triggers

Discover what happens when we feel like feedback is “wrong” and learn how to manage your reactions using three different techniques.


Relationship Triggers

Understand why it’s necessary to focus on the feedback rather than the messenger and learn a technique that’ll help you do just that.


Identity Triggers

Discover how our neurological structures are all different and how it causes us to react differently to feedback.