Negotiate Effectively Using Proven Tactics

Learn proven negotiation tactics used by former FBI hostage negotiator Chis Voss and feel confident in any negotiation.

What this course is all about

As humans, we find ourselves in 3-7 negotiations on a daily basis. The good thing is that the same techniques apply to every single negotiation. Based on Chris Voss’ best-selling book, Never Split the Difference, this course will teach you five key techniques that’ll help you navigate any negotiation—whether it’s at work or at home.

What you'll learn

✔️ What happens in our brain during a negotiation.

✔️ Three techniques you can use to stay in control and not let the impulses of your brain take over.

✔️ Five key negotiation principles.

✔️ Why no-oriented questions work in your favor.

✔️ Why negotiations are all about finding black swans.

✔️ Why the win-lose approach is no longer a desirable outcome.

✔️ Why emotions are key to unlocking a successful negotiation.

✔️ Three powerful negotiation strategies: the power of “No,” the accusations audit, the black swan.

✔️ Five effective negotiation tactics: voice, mirroring, labeling, dynamic silence and calibrated questions.

✔️ Internal and external factors that can affect any negotiation.



The Neuroscience Behind Negotiations

Understand how your brain works in a negotiation, how that impacts your behavior and what you can do to stay in control.


The Principles of Negotiation

Become acquainted with Chris Voss’ five key negotiation principles and discover why it’s time to let go of the age-old win-lose approach.


Three Powerful Negotiation Strategies

Discover the power of “No,” learn how to do an accusations audit and become familiar with Chris Voss’s primary negotiation strategy: uncovering black swans.


The Most Successful Negotiation Tactics: Part 1 - Voice

Learn about the importance of both tone and inflection and why using an accommodating voice will always work in your favor in any negotiation.


The Most Successful Negotiation Tactics: Part 2 - Mirroring and Labeling

Get acquainted with two simple yet effective tactics that can help you extract information out of your negotiation partner: mirroring and labeling.


The Most Successful Negotiation Tactics: Part 3 - Dynamic Silence and Calibrated Questions

Discover why silence (at the right time) can be an extremely powerful tactic and learn how to ask questions that make your negotiation partner feel both comfortable and collaborative.


Key Factors That Impact a Negotiation

Learn about the external and internal factors that impact a negotiation. Some of them which you can control, others which you can’t.