Tell Compelling Business Stories with Duarte’s Framework

Learn how to tell business stories that command attention using Nancy Duarte’s Big Idea formula.

What this course is all about

Telling great stories is an art form, especially in the workplace. Based on Nancy Duarte’s book, Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, this course will walk you through you what it takes to put together a compelling business story. You’ll learn the formula for developing a big idea along with the core components of creating a great presentation, using Duarte’s Presentation Form structure. And last but not least, you’ll discover what will make your audience put their phones down and pay attention to every word you say.

What you'll learn

✔️ What makes for a great story.

✔️ Why a core idea needs to be at the center of your story.

✔️ Nancy Duarte’s Big Idea Formula.

✔️ Why the audience needs to be the hero in your story.

✔️ What you can do to put your audience first.

✔️ How to tell stories that spark action.

✔️ What the curse of knowledge is and how to fight it.

✔️ Five techniques that will help you fill your audience’s knowledge gaps.

✔️ Why Duarte’s Presentation Form works so well for business storytelling.

✔️ How to apply Duarte’s Presentation Form structure.

✔️ What the beginning, middle and end of a story should look like

✔️ What story turning points are and when in the story you should use them.

✔️ The importance of using contrast in a story.

✔️ Three different types of contrast and how to use them.

✔️ How to appeal to emotion to make the audience care and take action.

✔️ Three modes of persuasion: Ethos, Logos and Pathos.

✔️ The #1 mistake people make when creating presentations.

✔️ Public speaking for storytellers 101.

✔️ The importance of body language and voice when giving a presentation.

✔️ Four techniques that will help you use your body language and voice more effectively.



The Core Idea

Understand what makes a core idea strong enough to create a story around it and learn how to transform ideas into messages that make your audience take action.



Learn all about why your audience needs to be the hero of your story and discover how getting to know your audience will empower you to tell stories that inspire action.


Story Structure

Find out why Duarte’s Presentation Form works so well for business storytelling and how to apply it.


Story Elements

Learn how to use different storytelling elements to make your story credible, persuasive and memorable.


Effective Presentation Skills

Convert your story into an effective presentation deck and learn public speaking techniques that will keep your audience engaged.