Unlock Your Productivity by Understanding Motivation

Learn how to build intrinsic motivation as we unearth what businesses can do to motivate their employees to bring their a-game.

What this course is all about

Based on key insights from experts on motivation such as Daniel Pink, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Dan Ariely, this course explains why we experience demotivation and what we can do about it. Take control of your own (and your team’s) motivation by learning how to build motivation at work. Plus, you’ll find out how companies like Netflix and Google motivate their employees.

What you'll learn

✔️ The fundamental drives that motivate us.

✔️ The three conditions in which people will experience de-motivation.

✔️ Seven deadly flaws of rewards and punishments.

✔️ What the industrial age has to do with why we struggle with motivation today.

✔️ The role of mindset in motivation.

✔️ Techniques to help you discover what motivates you and what demotivates you.

✔️ Build intrinsic motivation using three different strategies.

✔️ The role of purpose and why we pursue mastery.

✔️ How autonomy and control affect motivation.

✔️ Why successful companies focus on building the right mindset.

✔️ How companies like Netflix and Google motivate employees.

✔️ Why shifting from management to leadership is important for motivation.



What’s Motivation?

Learn about three types of motivation: biological drives, rewards and punishment, and most importantly, our desire for purpose.


De-motivation, Apathy and Alienation

Discover some of the truths about motivation and what destroys it based on insights from pioneering studies.


Motivation and Mindset

Discover the type of mindset that primes you for building motivation and learn the strategies that will help you become more motivated.


Building Motivation at Work: Part 1 - Autonomy and Control

Learn three powerful strategies for building motivation at work and get some insight into how companies like Netflix and Google motivate their employees.


Building Motivation at Work: Part 2 - Mindset and Purpose

Learn about the role of mindset and why successful companies focus on fostering growth mindsets to build motivation at work.